Our test- and trainingscentre

Welcome at MAATTT! When you’ve had an appointment with our recruiter and there is a match, you can start working for MAATT. But, first we have to check if you’ve got the right knowledge and skills from the installation technology. This is the moment you will follow a training in our test- and trainingscentre.

The test-and trainingcentre is settled in Nijkerk. Here we can test and train you on knowledge and skills. Depending on this we determine your training. Do you want to learn more about something? Or do you miss some information about a subject? No problem, we will answer all your questions and help you in our test- and trainingscentre. This so you can start your new job with a lot of confidence. 


Testing and training

This is what we can train you
  • CV installation
  • Install solar panels
  • Plumbing work
  • Electrical engineering


A day in our test- and trainingscentre
Our test- and trainingscentre -
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Testing and training

After we’ve decided what kind of training you will follow, we start with testing and training. The duration and content from the training is depending on your knowledge and skills. To get used to all the subjects, most of the time it takes at least one day.

The first morning of your training Jeroen and Martijn will welcome you in our test- and trainingscentre. We start with a coffee and then they will guide you during your training. You’ll get some theory explanation and instructions and then you’ll start the training. They will test a few important competences and skills, and they will take care that you will have the most recent knowledge about the specialty.

Your competencyreport

After testing and training, we will make a competencyreport for you. In this you find all the information about your skills. We will share your CV, this competencyreport and eventually some other certificates with the client. So that he knows for sure you meet all the conditions. After you received this competencyreport and we have a go from the client, we will sign your new contract.

Do you want to work in technology? Check our vacancies and hopefully we will see you soon in our test- and trainingscentre.